Why Did it Take a Deadly Virus to Make You Realize You Need to Change Your Life?

Kelley J Cochran
4 min readMar 26, 2020

Let’s look back a few months ago; it was the turn of the decade, New Year’s Eve 2020.

We were all thinking about how this year is going to be our year! Meme’s and GIF’s galore adorned social media of how great 2020 was going to be. This is the year of 2020 vision, perfect clarity and much-needed change.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Who could have predicted that today, we’d all be stuck in our homes, learning what terms like social distancing and shelter in place mean? This is all so surreal, but it is happening. It’s affecting all of our lives.

The threat of dying from a deadly virus instantly causes us to reflect and see things from a new perspective. Are you 100% happy with your life as it is today? Is there anything about your life that you would like to change? Is it your stagnant job where you are undervalued? Is it a toxic and negative relationship where trust and insecurity are rampant? Is it improving your skill set to learn a new trait? Is it your overstuffed and disorganized garage?

There is no better time than today to focus on yourself and make the changes to increase your happiness.

Stop procrastinating. Stop thinking you’ll get to it next month. Stop thinking you’re not qualified enough to change jobs. Take advantage of…



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