Unbelievable! He can’t breathe!

A poem to Dr. King, Dr. Angelou, Mr. Obama and Mom

Kelley J Cochran
6 min readJun 9, 2020
Artwork by Kelley J. Cochran

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King,

Can you believe what’s going on in our country today?

Can you believe we’re dealing with racism this way?

Can you believe people are targeted because of their skin,

For no other reason except racist intimidation?


Can you believe black people are still killed in the streets,

While air is choked from their throat by another man’s knee?

Being pinned down to death and pleading “I can’t breathe?”

Can you believe that happened only last week?

No, it’s unbelievable... Neither can we.


Dr. King, when you marched down those D.C. streets,

And gave your famous “I Have a Dream” speech,

In front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963,

Could you believe this is where our country would presently be?


Despite the difference you made to help heal people’s pain,

Giving your life to motivate, inspire, and lead people to change,



Kelley J Cochran

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