Dear Class of 2020 Daughter on Your College Dorm Move Out Day:

Only Four Weeks into Your Freshman Fall Semester due to COVID-19

Kelley J Cochran
5 min readSep 21, 2020

Dear Class of 2020 Daughter,

Today is your unplanned and unexpected college move out day.

You’ve decided to petition to come home and move out of your freshman on-campus dorm which was approved. I must say, this much less crowded than the day we moved you in only four weeks ago…

Your campus has had a rise in COVID-19 cases. You’re on quarantine and 90% of your classes are online anyway… No football games, no parties on ‘the hill’, no true college social experience… breaks my heart.

As I sit here waiting for you to pack up your dorm because I can’t go up with you due to quarantine restrictions, I am reminded of how much you have had to sacrifice from your life due to this pandemic.

No one could have predicted what has happened, yet you and your generation have adjusted your lives better than most adults have even tried to do.

You are one of the most resilient, incredible, and amazing group of people I have ever known.

Looking back at this year, and all of the rights of passage you have had to miss due to this virus has been unbelievable, yet you don’t even…



Kelley J Cochran

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