Only Four Weeks into Your Freshman Fall Semester due to COVID-19

Dear Class of 2020 Daughter,

Today is your unplanned and unexpected college move out day.

You’ve decided to petition to come home and move out of your freshman on-campus dorm which was approved. I must say, this much less crowded than the day we moved you in only four weeks ago…

Your campus has had a rise in COVID-19 cases. You’re on quarantine and 90% of your classes are online anyway… No football games, no parties on ‘the hill’, no true college social experience… breaks my heart.

As I sit here waiting for you to pack up your dorm because…

What to say and do to help someone you know who’s lost a loved one.

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

If you’re like me, you’ve known grief. You’ve most likely lost several people in your life that you loved and cared about.

Some happened when I was a little girl: I lost one uncle when I was 10, then another uncle at 21. I’m 43 now, and in the past 5 years alone, I’ve lost my grandpa, my dad, both of my grandma’s, and several friends to either suicide, accidents, or medical issues. I’ve also lost my loving and devoted German Shepherd and two cats.

In addition to the stress of dealing with the COVID pandemic these last couple of…

A poem to Dr. King, Dr. Angelou, Mr. Obama and Mom

Artwork by Kelley J. Cochran

Dear Dr. King,

Can you believe what’s going on in our country today?

Can you believe we’re dealing with racism this way?

Can you believe people are targeted because of their skin,

For no other reason besides racist intimidation?


Can you believe black people are still being killed in the streets

While the air is choked from their throat by another man’s knee

Being pinned down to death and pleading “I can’t breathe?”

Can you believe that happened only last week?

No, it’s unbelievable... Neither can we.


When you marched down the streets

And gave your famous “I…

An empath’s view of healing heartache on top of handling hardships.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Is it just me, or does it seem since the pandemic started, our family and friends have all experienced more death than we can recall under “normal” life within this stressful two month period? It’s been a tough two months!

I’m not even talking about the hundreds of thousands who have passed due to the disease itself! That alone is unfathomable and utterly saddening.

I’m only talking about non-pandemic related incidents.

I sadly know many loved ones who have lost husbands, best friends, parents, grandparents, and pets, more so since before this all started it seems.

It’s gut-wrenching to know of some of the losses that have happened… some even unimaginable.

One of the hardest…

Give yourself credit for surviving all you’ve been through so far. It will help you through these current, hard times.

Photo by Resi Kling on Unsplash

These are unprecedented times we are currently living in. We are stressed, depressed, anxious, and worried about the state of the world.

We are all confined to our homes, obsessively watching the news, wondering if and when someone we know will get sick or perhaps even die from this invisible killer. We are all worried about how we are going to pay our bills, when we’ll get our jobs back, or when our spouses will find another job.

But one thing we must not forget is who we are and what we’ve already survived in this life!

Think about all…

Let’s look back a few months ago; it was the turn of the decade, New Year’s Eve 2020.

We were all thinking about how this year is going to be our year! Meme’s and GIF’s galore adorned social media of how great 2020 was going to be. This is the year of 2020 vision, perfect clarity and much-needed change.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Who could have predicted that today, we’d all be stuck in our homes, learning what terms like social distancing and shelter in place mean? This is all so surreal, but it is happening. It’s affecting all of our lives.

The threat…

Staying positive is so hard right now, but that’s even more reason to do so!

I have always felt of myself as an optimist. I’ve been through some very hard times in my life, things you can’t even make up, have had many bumps and bruises, but have remained positive, optimistic and resilient through it all. But these last nine days are trying to break me. I vow to not break!

How do we handle everything going on in today’s world?

Here in America, we are on the back end of what other countries are going through. We are about two weeks behind the lockdowns, the incredible death tolls, the gravity of it all. In…

How less than 7 days changed our world as we know it… what’s next?

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

What a world we are living in. We are now all sitting at home, hopefully still with a job, and practicing social distancing. Keeping our kids and elderly relatives home, so we can survive this new viral attacker on our world.

Flashback to six days ago…it’s unbelievable how much has changed.

Last Wednesday, I helped my daughter wake up for school. It’s her senior year, and she was diagnosed with POTS last summer, which makes her extremely fatigued, so waking her up every day is a challenge. At the time, that was our biggest issue.

Thursday evening… we were at…

My advice to what I have learned from working from home for the past 1.5 years.

My background is interior design, hospitality management, and most recently the fintech startup admin world. What do all of those career paths have in common? They are all highly social, super unpredictable, and sometimes even chaotic…

Incidentally, I’m the typical “thrive on chaos” type of problem-solving leader, and I loved every minute of all of these careers.

So, when the time came to start working from home about a year and a half ago, I had to learn to adjust. I went from running…

How an assignment in 8th grade affected the rest of my life!

Photo by erica steeves on Unsplash

I feel I had a pretty great childhood. I was the daughter of a general contractor and a retail manager. I was the second child of four kids. I was born in Colorado, where I lived in incredible Breckenridge until I was six, then we moved to Tampa, Florida. Both amazing places.

Other than wrecking a bike on the gutters, or chasing our wild, escape artist pet husky on the golf course, or the random eight-foot water moccasin in the back yard that Grandpa had to kill with just a shovel, we really didn’t have any issues growing up.


Kelley J Cochran

🦋🙏❤️ GRIT Goddess | Resilience Expert | Passionately Positive | Motivational Writer | Creative Designer 🌿🏠🦊

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